London Alley Salon in Capitol Hill?


Opportunity knocked in Capitol Hill

Well this is a great subject, as they say when opportunity knocks at your door are you going to open up and embrace it? That’s what happened when Sharon saw the location for our salon with a “For Rent” sign attached. What really drives something great is called enthusiasm. And it’s something you can feel. And it’s contagious.  Once Sharon got a taste it didn’t take long for her to invite Randy to share the excitement. 

How we chose our name

Well first you got to love America, and you got to love it’s history. If you’ve been around for more than a second there is nostalgia here. And one of the greatest forms of it was the British Invasion. And that basic era and feel is what was the catalyst to selecting our name. 

Our Passion for what we do defines us

First if you don’t love… And when you love what you do you get really good at it. Especially when you educate yourself and immerse yourself in the mindset of having the best services, the best quality and the interests. Now it doesn’t mean you are going to everything perfect but you know when you nail it and when you suck. In a service based business your customers know it too. So you do the best you can and learn and improve.

Now the neighborhood is quite interesting

Capitol Hill rocks Denver area with the most laid back people on the earth. If you look at Google Maps you’ll find is centered with apartments and houses all about. We are on the only business strip for several blocks North, South, East and West. And there is lot’s of people out and about.

Services offered to a busy community

Finally this neighborhood is great if your committed to being here and being connected with people. And there is a genuine need for service based companies. People are smart, busy but have the best quality of life possible. So when we signed on to start this venture it was very clear that we had to be present and available, be excellent in what we offer and are about, and to add to the neighborhood some unique style. By understanding these elements we know our mission and we are happy to be here.

And the rest is becoming history


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