David Garcia is our new Master Stylist!


David is a true salon veteran. He started his career in the Punk Rock Era. He is chill and cultured, and he has a gentle yet wild side. David is also a world traveler who is deeply experienced with salon knowledge. His extensive cut and styling skills combined with his color artistry allows him to give his clients the ultimate hair exerience!

Sometimes in life there are certain people that you encounter, and you can tell they really know their craft. And once in a while you find one that is rather¬†intriguing. If by chance you’re extra lucky you can tell they are an incredible human being. Meet David he is all of these!¬†You will be glad you booked your next appointment with David, he really takes the time to make you feel your absolute best!

You can book with David online or call the salon at 303-830-0333


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