You are simply naked without Sunglasses


As I write this post it is 8/21/2017 at 6:35am MST. The Solar Eclipse is about the happen in about 5 hours from now. You better have a decent pair of sunglasses properly rated to watch the solar eclipse or suffer permanent eye damage as some did 38 years ago.

Considering this Sunglasses have an actual purpose. But they make a great accessory as well. And you simply look better with them. 

Take some of the famous people we’ve come to treasure, they all look great in sunglasses. 

There is something about boosting your style and adding some mystic to your looks with a decent pair of sunglasses. 

Some people have come to a place where they won’t invest in a decent pair because they loose them or break them too often. 

Well one thing you might consider is buying a very expensive pair. Like in the $100 – $500 range. You’ll look like a star!

If you do that you would value them and realize they need to be treated with respect. And you will find you actually hang on to them. If you get that working you ascend to a new level of your look and style.

Be careful buying sunglasses. Just because they are expensive doesn’t guarantee they are worth it. Iconic names like Ray-Ban have been exploited and many of the lower models have had cheap knock offs made in china and other places that are inferior in materials and quality.

There are some iconic names that have stood the test of time.  

Persol from Italy is an example where they still make them by hand processes and the design has evolved. 

For those who think plastic is just some material used in throw-away mass-produced trinkets, take a look at this lovely film produced by Persol showing ‘The Magnificent Obsession of Hand Making’ their signature sunglasses. Beginning with the hand-mixing and coloring of the acetate, the insertion of the ‘Victor Flex’ nose bridge, the meticulous bending, forming and polishing of every surface and ending with the precision installation of the hardware, this is clearly a labor of love and thoughtful design. These are not the sunglasses you carelessly leave on the beach.

One thing is for certain, no matter how beautiful you look… without sunglasses you look rather naked!


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